Rails Update query does not always update DB

Hello All,
I have a query written using the Rails update statement as follows,

updated_value = Channel.update(user_default_channel, :is_public =>
public_or_private_value )

This basically updates the respective row in the channels table in my
db and fired over an ajax call(using a link_to_remote)
However the query does not work always (say out of 10 attempts it
fails once).Is this a problem with AJAX or does an connection.save is
needed after the query is fired or is there any other work around for
the same.
If an explicit save is required,kindly let me know the syntax.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Chandrika,

This group is for Rails Core discussions only. Discussion pertaining to development of Rails ( read ‘not with Rails’ ).

Issues, bugs or patches related to past or futures releases of Rails.

Its best to post such questions to stackoverflow, or the RubyonRails-talks google group.



PS: check one of your model validations might be failing, that might be the reason the update doesn’t work