Rails test environment can't find capybara methods

I'm trying to include capybara into my RSpec integration tests. It seems to work fine with the Cucumber environment but for some reason it's giving me issues with the Test environment. Here are the steps I've followed:

1. Include capybara in the test group of my Gemfile 2. Included "require 'capybara/rails'" in my spec_helper.rb 3. Included "config.gem 'capybara', :lib => false" in my config/environments/test.tb

It doesn't complain about not being able to find Capybara, yet it still fails my test and gives me an 'undefined method "visit" for #<Spec::Rails.....>" which is the first Capybara specific method in my test. Any other ideas I could try? Thanks ahead of time!

Just a random idea, you might need to include a module with those methods in your specs (or in spec_helper).