Rails still encouraging us to use the asset pipeline for stylesheets and images?

Am I a fool for trying to use webpacker to compile stylesheets and images? I’ve only lost about a year fooling with it so far

We successfully use webpacker for stylesheet compiling, but I’m not sure about images. I think you’re on the right track with using webpacker but I must admit that our initial adoption was a bit challenging.

I still keep using sprockets for stylesheet. I am using it to perform performance techniques like inlined style. I failed to compile a single stylesheet file with webpacker. I have no interest to retry the migration until I see the benefits and a guide.

There have been rumors or guesses that with Hotwire, Rails may go back to Sprockets.

We’re still going strong on asset pipeline for css and images.

Although on new projects we have been using GitHub - rails/tailwindcss-rails and that works pretty well with webpacker for CSS.

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I use webpacker for styles, but I tried to upgrade to v6 beta and it did not go well. I’m not in the know, but it looked to me like webpacker is trying to focus more on JS specifically rather than all assets.