Rails RJS syntax for parallel visual effects

I have tried to find an example of how to script parallel visual effects
in Rails using RJS, but have not been able to find any relevant code

I have looked at available references and tried expressions as
page.parallel_effects do
             page.visual_effect('highlight', 'move_id')
             page.visual_effect('fade', 'move_id')


[visual_effect("highlight" ,"move_id"),
visual_effect("move", "move_id",{:x => 100, :y => 150}),])

and some other variations of these expressions.

but they are all incorrect.

Can anyone give me a Rails RJS code example of how to script parallel
visual effects,and I also need an example of how to script serial

I haven't confirmed this, but I would try something like...

page.visual_effect('highlight', 'move_id', :queue => 'front')
page.visual_effect('fade', 'move_id', :queue => 'front')

for an unamed-queue...

Follow the source for visual_effect to see how/where it uses that options hash...

A slightly tangential suggestion: check out