Rails Report Generator that can read associations

Howdoo everyone,

I'm looking for a Rails plugin or gem that can allow users to generate very flexible reports. Ideally, it should be able to:

1) Allow a user to select a model (from a list made by me) to generate a report on.

2) Once they choose the model (say, Team), they'll be able to choose which Team fields to include in the report, such as team_name or team_city.

Also, they'll be able to choose fields from associated models; for example, if a Team has many Players, they'll be able to pick fields from Players to show in the report, such as last_name or went_pro_on.

3) They'll be able to set criteria for what is shown in the report, such as only Teams with over 10 Players, or to only include Players with last_name contains "blah".

4) Lastly (not as important), the ability to generate this report as a CSV or PDF or what have you.

Does a plugin or gem exist that does all (or most) of this? If so, it'll save a lot time.

Let me know if anyone knows of something like this. Gracias!

Hi Joe, Did anyone ever get back to you about this?