Rails model validation: Can I create my own validations???


Is it possible to create my own validations within the Rails model validation framework?

In particular I’m interesting in being able to create a global (i.e. not associated with a particular field) business logic validation exception(s) to pass back to the controller. They could then be listed on the View as an exception error, but not associated with a particular field.

I’m thinking for higher level business logic rule exceptions like this it may be better doing it the above way as opposed to creating an exception (e.g. businessLogic exception class) - but any ideas/comments welcome on this.


You can add any validation logic you like to the validate method on
any active model class. It can validate any combination of attributes
of the object.

If you are wanting to add new meta-programming methods like
validate_presence_of that takes some additional digging I have not
done yet.


Most of those just wrap #validates_each, which is documented.

How does this look (I’m not at my rails PC at the moment)? i.e. regarding the use of Global (not attribute specific) validations within Model