Rails Magazine issue #6, 2010

A new edition of Rails Magazine is now available, both in print and as
a free pdf (36 pages, 2.8 MB) at http://railsmagazine.com/issues/6.

In this number:
- "Beautifying Your Markup With Haml and Sass" by Ethan Gunderson
- "Scaling Rails" by Gonçalo Silva
- "Interview with Sarah Allen" by Rupak Ganguly
- "Data Extraction with Hpricot" by Jonas Alves
- "Deployment with Capistrano" by Omar Meeky
- "Fake Data - The Secret of Great Testing" by Robert Hall
- RubyConf India 2010 coverage by Judy Das
- "Previous and Next Buttons" by James Schorr
- "RVM - The Ruby Version Manager" by Markus Dreier
- "Interview with Michael Day of Prince XML" by Olimpiu Metiu

Please consider writing an article for the community in the next
issue, or contact us with any feedback.

Thank you,
Olimpiu Metiu
Editor-in-Chief | Rails Magazine