Rails JS best practices? (jQuery + Prototype / MooTools

One more interesting (and active!) project, see screenshots on their
site https://github.com/Mon-Ouie/ray

I recently discovered another interesting option - integration with game
via socket. For example, this project https://github.com/d-snp/RProxyBot
(ruby driver for StarCraft 1 from AI Bots competition) uses socket to
connect to the StarCraft 1 game and control all the game.

Would be nice to have such thing for games like this:

FLARE http://clintbellanger.net/rpg/blog/20110709 (diablo clone, with
very cool graphics)
Glest http://glest.org (warcraft 3 clone)

FLARE is especially interesting because it has very high quality art and
small and clean source code size.