Rails isn't running on Windows

My understanding is that this issue has been present in the last two
stable releases of Ruby. I'd rather run Ruby and Rails on my Mac, but
Apple's stupidity of forced upgrades of everything is an issue here.
Older computers have hardware issues as you might imagine and you'd
think that dropping everything to try an install in Windows would have
solved the issue. Unfortunately it just shows that stable releases don't
necessarily work. This all is very disappointing.

Well, I guess it's a month down the drain because I'm not falling for
the Apple tactic that you have to replace a device because they say so.

Does anyone have a solution? I'm not going back to Ruby 2.0.

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use on mobile devices with some padding added to them and the ability to
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Build a development virtual machine running in Vagrant. Not without it’s issues as well, of course, there’s a new technology to add into the mix. But it works really well.

What's your actual deployment environment?

We deploy to linux, so do all our development in linux VMs. Host computer can then be either mac or windows (or linux) and you can still do your development on the correct version of everything else.


But what? Why, specifically, can't you?