Rails Hosting Question

All,   I'm a system administrator who has been tasked with learning to develop in Ruby and also deploying a development->production Ruby on Rails service for some internal applications.

Currenty, I'm using Redhat Enterprise, Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 3.0 Beta 4 on Phusion Passenger. I've followed the tutorials and have everything working. I'm able to go to http://hostname.com:3000 and all that jazz.

Here's my question: In the LAMP stack, you can have your http://hostname.com/app1 and http://hostname.com/app2 and so on and they are obviously separate applications. This doesn't appear to be the default in Rails. Can anyone give me some guidance or point me at some documentation which will allow me to configure my Rails instance to do something along these lines? If not that, then perhaps advise me on the best practices when dealing with this framework.

Many thanks.


Jason Manous

Have a look at this: