Rails Full Stack Guide


Following a discussion on Twitter, I’m going to propose writing a full stack guide to help beginners understand the full stack of a Rails app.

This guide should covert the creation of a real app. Here are some areas that I’d like to cover:

  • testing

  • migrations

  • authentication (built in)

  • uploads

  • cookies/sessions

  • some coffee/remote helpers

  • deploy to heroku (?)

  • more?

Some ideas for an app include a blog, social network, ecommerce. Any idea?

Not sure… that would be more or less the purpose of the getting started guide I believe.

This sounds like the material that would be covered in a book.

Ah, we misuntersdood each other yesterday on Twitter.

The purpose of the getting started guide is to cover the full stack superficially, to give a bird’s eye to a newcomer. Covering the full stack in more depth is the purpose of the guides as a whole. I don’t see another guide in between.

I’ve checked the testing guide and albeit it is marked as WIP looks like it is in a pretty good shape. I’ll review it and perhaps add a little section on fixture maintenance, and good to go.

Sounds good to me