Rails for Zombies 2 (code school)

On the website (code school) it says Rails for Zombies 2 is free for
members. However I can't find the link to download or "Start the
Course" so I can begin training. I tried their site support but no
response to date. Help?

Only RFZ 1 is free, you have to suscribe if you want to start RFZ2 and the other courses.

One thing is to be a member an another is to be suscribed =)


Thanks Javier.

Is there an alternative to Rails for Zombies 2? I'm looking for the
"free" kind. :wink:

Well… RFZ2 its unique :), but there are other resources… not as fun as RFZ (but that’s my opinion)

You can try this http://ruby.railstutorial.org/