rails credentials:edit seems to open, save and encrypt before I do anything

$ rails credentials:edit

displays this immediately:

New credentials encrypted and saved.

Before my editor window even opens. And the window then always opens with a blank page.

Any idea whats going on?

19:31 ~/testcases/rails/rails-5-2/defaults:(scaffold-test)[ruby-2.5.1]$
rails credentials:edit
No $EDITOR to open file in. Assign one like this:

EDITOR="mate --wait" bin/rails credentials:edit

For editors that fork and exit immediately, it's important to pass a wait flag,
otherwise the credentials will be saved immediately with no chance to edit.
19:31 ~/testcases/rails/rails-5-2/defaults:(scaffold-test)[ruby-2.5.1]$

What editor are you using?

Thanks. I am using vscode. But your suggestion worked as is for it too. Thank you!