rails: command not found on Debian lenny

I installed ruby gems from their website and installed rails using gem
install rails
I got a successful installed notification.
But when I tried to use rails command, it gave me command not found.

After I installed gems. I had to create a symbolic link otherwise gem
command wouldn't work.

Anyone know how to get rails to work?


kitty00 wrote:

I installed ruby gems from their website

?! Not from debian official repos?

After I installed gems. I had to create a symbolic link otherwise gem
command wouldn't work.

type this on the shell prompt (single line):

echo 'export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc ; source


Debian and Ubuntu, at least, don't include the paths for your gems,
nor create any symlink.
I think you don't have many choices here, either you modify your path
or create symlinks for each installed gem that has executable files.

I use this script for rails (and mysql) install on 9.04, derived from
It assumes there is a folder called /home/colinl/downloads, edit this
to wherever you want. It gets several versions of Rails, which you
may not require.

# install bits for building stuff
sudo apt-get install build-essential

# mysql and ruby
sudo apt-get install ruby ri rdoc mysql-server libmysql-ruby
ruby1.8-dev irb1.8 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libmysql-ruby1.8
libmysqlclient15off libnet-daemon-perl libplrpc-perl
libreadline-ruby1.8 libruby1.8 mysql-client-5.0 mysql-common
mysql-server-5.0 rdoc1.8 ri1.8 ruby1.8 irb libopenssl-ruby
libopenssl-ruby1.8 libhtml-template-perl mysql-server-core-5.0

wget -N -P /home/colinl/downloads

tar xvzf /home/colinl/downloads/rubygems-1.3.5.tgz
cd rubygems-1.3.5
sudo ruby setup.rb
cd ..
rm -rf rubygems-1.3.5
echo "making symlinks - not sure if this will always be necessary,
must be done if gem -v does not work"
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/local/bin/gem
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.8 /usr/local/bin/ruby
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/rdoc1.8 /usr/local/bin/rdoc
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ri1.8 /usr/local/bin/ri
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/irb1.8 /usr/local/bin/irb
# rails latest version, 2.3.2 and 2.3.3
sudo gem install rails --no-rdoc --no-ri
sudo gem install rails --version 2.3.2 --no-rdoc --no-ri
sudo gem install rails --version 2.3.3 --no-rdoc --no-ri


It didn't work.
my gem is under /usr/bin/gem.

How do I create symlink for rails?
I could not find where it is installed by gem.

When I did symlink for gem. I found out that I had /usr/bin/gem1.8
instead of /usr/bin/gem.
But this is not the case for rails.

I found rails folder at /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/gems/

But there is no file with rails-2.3.4 inside of the folder.

Gems, usually, are installed under /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/
1 direcotry per gem, and inside each one of these directories, you'll
have a bin directory where executable files are placed.
Just to be sure where it is, you can do:
$sudo udpatedb
$sudo locate rails | grep bin

That will give you a more accurate result.

Thanks you!
I found rails and did alias and export path.

I ended up installing activesupport too.

Now it is working! Finally!

Thanks a bunch to everyone!