Rails check partial is fully loaded following ajax call

I render a partial after an ajax call:


    $("#notice_feed").html("<%=j render 'shared/notice_feed' %>")


    <ol class="notices" id="notice_list">
      <%= render @notices %>

This ends up rendering a list of `@notices`. The names of each notice are listed on the right and I have some jquery to scroll down to the relevant rendered `@notice` when you click on the name:

    name.on('click', function() {
      $("#absolute-div").animate({scrollTop: $('#notice_' + this.className).offset().top -200 }, 500);

When you click on the name it correctly scrolls down, but only sometimes stops scrolling on the correct `@notice`, and gets nowhere near for other `@notices`. I suspect the problem is that the jquery is called before the whole partial list has finished rendering. I've tried surrounding the javascript with

    $(window).on("load", function() {

but this doesn't fire, presumably because it already fired when the original page was loaded.

How do I check that a partial following an ajax call has fully loaded using jquery?

Or is there a better way to identify a div and scroll to it accurately?

One trick you may try is adding your script at the bottom of that partial, so it has to wait naturally until the stuff above it is in the page.