Rails autocomplete

Any Dot wrote:


A short question from newbie - hope wouldn't be a problem for you.

I am playing with autocomplete features in rails -

In View:
<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :model, :attribute %>

In Controller:
auto_complete_for :model, :attribute
(found many examples in www)

So far, so gut. Autocomplete works. But I want the following - if I type
'm', only words starting with 'm' to appear.
I have the word - 'Belgium' - when I fill 'm' in the field, 'Belgium' is
fetched out, cause there is a 'm' in it.

Sorry, should have read your question closer.

This might work:

auto_complete_for :model, :country, :conditions => [ "LOWER(country) LIKE ?", params[:country_field].downcase + '%' ]

If this doesn't work, you might just have to define your own auto_complete_country method (see page 547 in Agile), which is really what auto_complete_for is doing for you anyway.