rails asset cache

I have a of line code like
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "styles",:cache => "cache/styles" %>

    And it produces source as

<link href="/stylesheets/styles.css?1279620123" media="screen"
rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

    config.action_controller.perform_caching = true

My concern is what is 1279620123 after question mark(?) above. If such a
random number always appended, whether caching in browser happens or
not?Please give me a good idea


It’s the timestamp when the file was last changed (or the last file if you list multiple stylesheets in stylesheet_link_tag).

That way browsers can cache it long term and it will automatically change if you change one of the files during a new deployment.



   Again I am facing a problem. I am using firefox with firebug.A
portion of my code like
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "styles","home", :cache => "cache/all" %>

Now in my local machine from firebug under net tab I disabled "Browser
cache" .Then result I got like

GET home http://localhost:3000/home 200 OK localhost:3000 14.4 KB (?)
GET styles.css?1279620123
200 OK ...

   Again from local machine I enabled "Browser cache" and got result
like(Only the below line I got)
GET home http://localhost:3000/home 304 Not Modified localhost:3000 14.4
KB ...

   But the above same procedure when I did from another machine which is
not local, I got the same result for both the steps. Caching did not

    I got 200 OK for both steps. I am running in staging mode. Please
help me to resolve this


   Could anybody please clarify my doubt?


Sorry, no idea.

(just to let you know that you’re not being ignored it’s just likely that no-one has an answer for you, this generally works fine for me).

I development mode, cache is disabled.