Rails Application Performance...

I have recently finished a very small application in Rails. This
application can be found @ http://www.classifieds.org.in

Currently, I manage user view state using sessions. For example to hold
current city, current category etc. But the application appear to be
very slow.

Would it be good to store the user state in cookies, so that the
performance will be better?.

I would presume that using cookies could open you up to certain security holes and additional programming confusion. Also, ROR is already mainting the “session” using cookies. The session is provided to you as a construct to avoid additional programming effort. You are kinda sidestepping that by using your own cookies.

I’m not sure but maybe ROR provides the ability to presist sessions so they don’t use too much memory.

What leads you to think your session management is the issue?

Have you used any performance analysis tools (e.g. New Relic)?

I agree with hassan .. while working on scrumpad(www,scrumpad.com) ,
next generation project management tool
for scrum we have use New Relic and we found that one very helpful.

you can use eager loading to get rid of extra generated query that
will help you
caching , at this moment ROR support various type of caching.

I don't think you should worry too much on performance until you
really need to.

I use New Relic too for youthsays.com. But you could there are others
you could try out. Checkout http://railscasts.com/episodes/161-three-profiling-tools
for more tutorial on other tools