Rails API is still pointing to 3.2.3

Shouldn’t it be updated to 3.2.5?


We’ll check. Thanks.

Rafael Mendonça França

Thank you :slight_smile:

Fixed, thanks for the heads up!

Sorry, but it still seems to be pointing out to 3.2.3 after
F5/Shift+F5/Ctrl+F5 in Chrome.

Can someone else please confirm it?


It's 3.2.5

I see 3.2.5.



  • Prem

Seems to be a local problem. Worked on Firefox here…

This is due to how Chrome deals with frames… Right-clicking the
frame and choosing “reload frame” worked in Chrome too…

Time for removing frames from the API pages?

Let’s see that patch!

When you run “rake doc:rails” from a fresh application, that
generated API docs are frame-less and actually looks much better
than the one under api.rubyonrails.org. Why just not use it instead
of the current one?