Rails and mod_rewrite


We've recently built a CMS app that will host quite a few sites, the sites can currently be accessed as follows:

example.com/siteone/home example.com/sitetwo/home

I've created an Apache vhost to handle 'siteone.com', pointed it to the 'public' folder of the app and it uses the following rewrite rule to access the correct path:

RewriteRule ^/$ http://siteone.com/siteone/home

Thing is I'd like it to access 'http://siteone.com/siteone/home’, but only display 'http://siteone.com/'. I've tried a few rules but aren't sure how I should go about this.

How does mod_rewrite see '^/siteone/home' in a rails app? As a query string?

Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Charl