Rails and HTML 4.01 (not XHTML)


I've tried to change my layouts to HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE, but then the
page didn't pass w3 validation. Validation fails in the line that
corresponds to the following:

   <%= stylesheet_link_tag "depot", :media => "all" %>

This is rendered as

   <link href="/stylesheets/depot.css?1181336605" media="all"
rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Change the final "/>" to ">" and the page is validated.

Are you sure HTML 4.01 is allowed ? How can I make
stylesheet_link_tag and other constructs to correctly produce HTML
4.01 output ? It would be really nice if I fully converted my pages to
HTML 4.01.

Any help ? Thanks,

calling back an old one - perhaps better than starting a new thread for an unfinished topic though.

so how does one successfully use a HTML 4.01 strict DOCTYPE with rails helpers and hope to validate? i added the following to my application_helper file which seems to do the trick for stylesheets but this is trying a symptom

def other_stylesheet_link_tag(*sources)

out = stylesheet_link_tag sources

out.sub(/\ />$/, ‘>’)


stylesheet_link_tag calls stylesheet_tag which calls tag

tag has an open argument to leave tags open, but unfortunately there isn’t any way to access it from stylesheet_link_tag. any other suggestions?