Rails and aptana studio 3

Dear Folks,

This is not strictly a question on ruby or rails but more about the
development environment I am using.

I am using Aptana Studio 3 and having trouble creating a rails project
in the IDE. Aptana tries to create a new rails project using the
command "rails ." instead of "rails new ." althoigh I have the new
rails installed.

I used the solution at:

which involves installing ruby then rails and then Aptana which works
the first time you create a rails project but fails on all subsequent
project creations. This is also a problem if I were to update rails.

Is there any way to make Aptana use the correct syntax and/or version
of rails.

I obviously do no wish to go through the whole installation again and
believe that there is some configuration setting I am missing.

FYI my development environment details are:

Operating System: Kubuntu 11.10
Ruby version: ruby 1.9.3p0
Rails version: Rails 3.1.3
Aptana IDE: 3.0.6

I would appreciate any help on this matter as I have posted this on
stackoverflow and Aptana support but I got no response which is why I
have come here.

I am quite new to rails and I would like to know what IDE alternatives
are out their that have similar capabilities to Aptana for rails
development. I find Eclipse a bit heavy weight however, I intend to
use it for now until this problem is resolved



Since creating a new project is such an infrequent task (I generally
only do it once per project :wink: is there any particular reason you
*have* to do it in the IDE, instead of just manually at the command