Rails AJAX file upload without Flash and RJS, just a dream?

As my app is continuing to grow a little older, I've come to the point
where I want to allow a user to upload an avatar (with Paperclip)
using AJAX. However, I've noticed just about the only way to get this
done is to use the (imo) pretty dirty solutions with either Flash or
the remote_form_for RJS stuff.

For instance http://valums.com/wp-content/uploads/ajax-upload/demo-jquery.htm
seems to offer a pretty neat solution on how to style the upload
stuff, but from what I've read, it's not possible to get this done
properly due to the CSRF stuff.

So now I'm wondering; isn't it possible to get AJAX uploads working
using jQuery with the CSRF protection enabled, without using Flash or

Thanks so much in advance!

Until all browsers implement the HTML5 File API, one of those methods will have to do. Until then, this is just a dream: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Using_files_from_web_applications

Best regards

Peter De Berdt