Rails adding extra code?

My friend and I are working on a small app. Today he sent me some code.

I plugged it into my setup but when I tried to retrieve it, I noticed

CSS wasn’t working properly. Upon inspecting the code I noticed Rails

had added a lot of html code.

I end up with: two css links (our own and scaffold.css), two

tags, two tags, and two tags.

IIRC, the scaffold creates a layout in the folder views/layouts. You’ll find <%= yield %> in the view code of the layout. Your .rhtml files are rendered in this layout if the controller says “layout ‘scaffold’” (or whatever it’s called) on top. Both your views and the layout contain the and tags, that’s why cou see them twice. Layouts are very useful for extracting the common elements from your webpages.

I really dont know why this happenned. I checked our scaffolds

(generated by rails) and none have html code in the source. Like rails

adds it by default when the page is requested. But I was under the

impression that scaffolds are unnecessary and one could create its own


Yep, scaffolds are just a quick way to generate a fully working CRUD sequence, but more complex websites will demand a more customized approach.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt