Rails + ActiveStorage image URL's result in 1x1 pixel images

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie in the Rails ecosystem and stuck with configuring an existing Rails application to use ActiveStorage properly, unfortunately I cannot get information at this point from the developer, so I’m trying here to get some information about ActiveStorage and Rails to understand what the problem might be.

The situation:

In one view, this function is used to return an Image URL

image_tag(card.image.variant(:large), alt: card.image.title)

results in in


which is not valid (1x1 pixel jpeg).

Another view uses

<%= image_tag image.variant(version),
                  class: image_class(image),
                  alt: image.title.unicode_normalize,
                  title: image.title.unicode_normalize %>

and results in a valid URL with this URL components <url>/rails/active_storage/representations/<somehash>/<anotherhash>--<shorthash>/<filename> (it’s the same file as in the other view).

Anyone has hints how I can troubleshoot this? Does ActiveStorage need additional configuration here in the production environment file?

Thank you!