Rails - ActiveRecord doesn't commit, cache problem ?

Hi everybody,

I'm facing a strange problem (bug?) with a rails application.

It's an standard application that does some inserts, updates, deletes

And there is a rake task, like a cron, that check existence or
inexistence of tables rows.


It's not the first time i see that, when i insert rows, it's working.
When i check it on my mysql client, rows are there.

Then the cron delete these rows, one by one, and it raise an exception
like "Couldn't find Room with ID=152".

But this room exists...

And some times, after some inserts, i type the "select * from rooms"
in my sql client, and the table is empty.

So, i think it's like a cache problem, maybe rails is caching the
queries and their results and doesn't commit them, but i'm not sure at
And if it is the reason, i don't know how to solve it,
This problem is here since I updgrade Rails to 2.1.

Does anyone knows something about that?

Thanks everyone !