Rails 7 tutorial


Is there already a up to date tutorial where I can learn how to make a blog with font-awesome used.


What is the challenge you are facing? How to make a blog with RoR or how to use Fontawesome with RoR?

Im trying to make the blog from the getting started tutorial and I want to try to make it with a custom layout and use font-awesome for the editing and deleting actions.

Long story short, to use fonteawesome you need to load both a stylesheet all.css and a javascript all.js

To do so, you could either include both in your layout or - the proper Rails way - would be to use Rails loaders.

On my side I initialized my project with bootstrap and esbuild (but things are similar with other loaders)

  • I would modify /app/stylesheets/application.bootstrap.css @import “xxxx/all”
  • I would modify /app/assets/javascript/application.js to import all.js import from “all”

Something stimilar.