[Rails 3] remote_function ?

Is the remote_function still valid in Rails 3 as it seems many of the
Prototype helpers have been replaced ? (link_to_remote, ...)

where can I find any link on it ? not in the standard doc I guess ..

thanks for you feedback

<%= link_to 'foo', some_path, :remote => true %>

The docs are on your system. Run `gem server` and then browse to

Thanks Greg

I've already look at it.
My issue was related to the remote_function which seems to be still
All that stuff in Rails 3 is not yet so clear for me...

I am using this on a checkbox <input> tag, not on a <a> tag (which is
well documented in the doc)

= check_box_tag("selection", "1", false, :onclick =>
remote_function(:url => showHideMenuItem_admin_user_path, :method
=> :post, :with => "'id=#{user.id}'"))

I finally ended testing the 'old' remote_function and it's working