[Rails 3] How to test routes urls in console

I tried require 'url_writer' but this is not the trick

what should be required/included to test the routes urls ?



A quick Google search would have yielded this: http://blog.zobie.com/2008/11/testing-routes-in-rails/

AWDWR also has a pretty good section on how to test routes.

sure, but my question was related to the 'console' ... and last Rails version .. Rails 3 thanks for this link ,I'll keep it in a safe place

What do you mean by testing the routes urls (in console)? By the way it is a good idea to be explicit in the text of message rather than relying on the subject to clarify what you are asking.


The link explains how to test in the console. Not sure if the example will work with Rails 3 but my guess is that it will. Rails 3 was never mentioned in the OP. :wink: