Rails 3 helper method not called

While I was trying to port one application from Rail 2 to Rails 3 I've noticed that helper methods used for rewriting URL paths are not called. Methods are defined in app/helpers/url_helper.rb:

module UrlHelper   def story_pah(story)     "/story/#{story.title}"   end end

This method, when called inside of view instead of:


creates path


I order to double check this I've create two new applications. One in Rails 2 and the other in Rails 3. After that I created scaffold for Story:

Rails 2: script/generate scaffold Story title:string body:string Rails 3: rails g scaffold Story title:string body:string

Finally I created app/helpers/url_helper.rb with above method in both applications. In app/views/stories/index.html.erb file line:

<td><%= link_to 'Show', story %></td>

creates: story/story_title in Rails 2 and story/1 path in Rails 3. Obviously method story_path is not called in Rails 3. Any hint why this happens would be appreciated.

Regards, Boško Ivanišević