Rails 3 data-method vs _method


I would like to know if and how new data-method attribute should work together with _method url parameter

Please take a look at the following example: <a href="/players/13/logic_delete?_method=delete">Delete</a>

A link to trigger action logic_delete and we should use REST delete method type. In Rails 3 with new UJS this will not work if javascript is enabled. To get that working we have to do the following: <a href="/players/13/logic_delete?_method=delete" data-remote='true' data-method='delete'>Delete</a>

That link should work if javascript enabled/disabled, but I have to say twice that I would like to use data-method delete.

I would like to know if this is the way to go or if _method parameter is depreciated by the rails guys? The reason might be to say that a traditional(non ajaxed) GET should be really a GET and should nt change any data.