Rails 3 and ActiveSupport::Callbacks


Is there a way to access an object within callbacks defined with
set_callback (ActiveSupport 3.0.0-beta4, matching Rails 3)?

Use case is as follow:

    require 'active_support'

    class Foo
      include ActiveSupport::Callbacks

      define_callbacks :handle_response

      set_callback :handle_response, :after do |response|
        # play with the response

      # some stuff...

      def list_users
        run_callbacks :handle_response do
          # this request returns a response

    # run

Currently, in place of |response|, I have |object| as the doc suggests,
which is the class object at runtime. AS callbacks are great for
after/before/around independant processing, but can they be used for
data manipulation hooks? If not, is there an alternative to achieve such
an effect?

Thank you!