[Rails 3.2] validation on create not working

class Place < ActiveRecord::Base

validates :description, :presence => true

validates :description, :uniqueness => {:case_sensitive => true, :on => :create }

also tried

validates :description, :uniqueness => {:case_sensitive => true }, :on => :create

On update ( in form fields, updated label, same description )


{“event”=>{“place_attributes”=>{“label”=>“a very beautiful place”, “description”=>“where you should go…”}}

@event.errors debugging

@messages={:“place.description”=>[“has already been taken”]}> !! uniqueness should not be checked ¿

thanks for any clue …

I don't understand what is happening that is not as you expect. Please try and explain in more detail.


the[SOLVED] I thought uniqueness of :description was checked on record update even with :on => :create condition for validate…

it was , but my functional test was not an update …

I was using post :update, :locale => I18n.locale, :id => @event_0[:id]

it MUST be

put :update, :locale => I18n.locale, :id => @event_0[:id]