[Rails 3.2.8] issue in regex scan

running a scan in irb is fine :

1.9.3p194 :001 > request_url = “http://lvh.me::3000/en/backoffice/cms-admin/site/6/pages”

=> “http://lvh.me::3000/en/backoffice/cms-admin/site/6/pages”


=> “6”

however running it in my controller doesn’t gives any result :

(rdb:1) request.url


site_id = request.url.scan(/^([\S]+)(backoffice/cms-admin/site/)(\d+)(/pages)$/)[0][2]

NoMethodError Exception: undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

(rdb:1) request.url.scan(/^([\S]+)(backoffice/cms-admin/site/)(\d+)(/pages)$/)


empty result

the url is the same, the regex also … what’s wrong with performing the scan in a Rails app ?

thanks for feedback

sorry … found the ‘bug’ … typing error should be ‘sites’ in the regex …

sacnning fine now …