Rails 3.1.1 why public/system content is not transferred upon deployment

Testing locally I uploaded files into public/system/... folders ( default for Paperclip) Upon deployment ( capistrano) on the remote server, I can see a symlink from public/system to the shared/system/ but the content ( all images ) is not transferred.... I had to do it myself via ftp ..

Is it a standard behavior ? or did I miss adding a task in the deployment ?

thanks for your feedback

Well, the deployed files are only those included in repository.

It is standard behavior, you might read up on capistrano on urls like http://www.practicalecommerce.com/blogs/post/468-Creating-Symlinks-When-Deploying-a-Rails-Application (plenty of others that deal with the why and how of the symlinked directories.

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Peter De Berdt