Rails 3.0 API doesn't do word-wrap

Hi Guys,

I just realize that on the API documentation the code snippet is overflowing off the screen. Is this an intended behavior? Or who should I contact to get this one fixed.

You can see the screenshot here: http://skitch.com/sikachu/dw82n/screen-shot-2553-08-30-at-16.24.26

Thanks :slight_smile:

Prem Sichanugrist

Yeah it does not look good, should give you a scroll bar as in guides.

Also, line spacing in code blocks needs revision.

railsapi.com is a better choice.

Unfortunately that's true.

The API needs a revamp, and I think it needs a revamp beyond a nicer
and searchable template, wrote some thoughts about it a while back

With all the work going on in Rails 3 focus has been content. In the
future I'd like to see an API as awesome as Rails. In my view
historically their design quality have not been on par. That has to

It is all open source though, it will fixed if people are interested
in working on it.

Yeah, I agree that new RailsDoc API needs a revemp.

fxn, I know that you've review a lot of commits regarding the documentation. I got a commit access in docrails. Those documentation are generated from lifo/docrails right? Will take a look to see if I can make a change on anything then.

Yes, docrails has public write access now indeed, looking forward to
those contributions :).

Let me explain a bit though, since docrails is often misunderstood.

The documentation is generated from master. The main source of
documentation is/should be master. Patches in master, either from LH
or from core, should have proper tests and docs.

So, docrails is not a documentation project. docrails are not the
documenters of Rails. All contributors are the documenters. As it
happen with tests. You do not commit code and expect someone else to
write tests for it. Your commit has to be complete. Same for the docs,
including guides.

Docs may involve copy-editing, guidelines conformance, better
wording... That's a commit review (normally from me). But the content
has to be there.

As far as the API is concerned, you have to think docrails is LH.
That's the right analogy. The difference (and that's the reason d'etre
of the project), is that in LH you contribute a patch and wait, while
in docrails you contribute a patch and by default it goes.

docrails was born to make contribution to docs more agile than
contributions to code. But code, tests, and docs are all in the same
league. They come primarily from master.