Rails 2.x: load custom task defined in a gem


I'm writing a nice gem which incorporate a few rake tasks, but I can't find a way to add my custom tasks to the application rake list, if the app is rails 2.x. I googled for a while but without any luck... any hints?




For new custom rack task you have to write rake file under the location Project/lib/tasks/sample.rake

In that sample.rake file

desc "This task is back-end ruby script added for cron job" task :cron => :environment do # put some logic. end

Go to your console put the command #> bundle exec rake -D

It will return rake tasks which are used in your project.

For example, here you will get your task

rake cron     This task is back-end ruby script added for cron job

Run it using #> bundle exec rake cron

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