Rails 2.0 to 2.1 migration problem.

I have been using rails 2.0 and just recently upgrade to 2.1.
The project I was working with has version 1 to 10.
I then created a migration version 200806xxx...etc.
Now I wish to back out the last migration and go back to version 10.
Doing a rake db:migrate version=10 does not work.
Heck, going back go version=1 doesn't either.
Neither does rake db:migrate:down version=200806xxxxxx since it would
complain that it needs a version...presumably complaining that my
version 200806xxxxx is the lowest version available.

Anyone have any ideas?
Or would I need to recreate my project from the start with rails 2.1?

Thanks in advanced.


Uggg, I could have sworn typo aside, I have used 'VERSION' as opposed
to 'version' but seems that with all the combinations I have tried, I
guess I didn't use the 'VERSION' properly because as you mentioned,
this did the charm.
I'll have to archive this as a 'duh' moment :wink:

Surprised there were no error messages though.

Thanks for the quick reply, greatly appreciated.