Rails 2.0 scaffold

I'm getting to the end of a large Rails project of which I developed
on my Windows XP machine. I'd sure like to have the extra money around
Xmas time to buy an Apple, but Santa isn't helping.
Anyway, I observed that you seem to be in the Windows 'camp' while
using Ruby in Steel and wondered if your 'group?' might have learned
to address certain problems that occur in developing in the Windows
environment. (Of course I'm going to be hosting the app on a Linux
server, but it'd be nice to see it all really working).

1. attachment_fu - won't work with S3 with some kind of timing issue
that no one can explain?
2. activerecord emailer? - won't load emails into the 'spool' that are
served out when resources are available.

Anyway, I'd be grateful to hear from you, or anyone who is able to run
their entire program in a Rails environment on Windows. Many thanks...