Rails 2.0 is real !

"Changeset [8328] by david : Tagged Rails 2.0.0"

yes !!

   -- Jean-François.

Ayyanar :

RAILS 2.0 Final released?

It seems so.

Has anybody the same problem as me during the install ?

ERROR: Error installing rails:
        rails requires activeresource (= 2.0.0)

It appears activeresource-2.0.0 is not published yet.

No activeresource gem can be found in :

Other gems (actionmailer-2.0.0.gem, actionpack-2.0.0.gem,
activerecord-2.0.0.gem, activesupport-2.0.0.gem,
rails-2.0.0.gem) are available.

     -- Jean-François.