Radio buttons for arrays


Presently I am using drop down with following function
<%= task_form.collection_select :task_type,
@task_types, :id, :display_value %>
It basically gives me ability to have drop down based on an array of

I am looking for a similar radio buttons function which will allow me
to only give it an array and the GUI will render it into radio

Can someone please assist?

Does anyone know this? please...

It doesn't look like anyone's answered this so far... You'll have to write your own helper to provide this functionality. A place to begin your research on how to implement it is in the Rails code itself, actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/form_options_helper.rb, and look at how collection_select is implemented. If you come up with a great solution, a plugin, gem or fork or Rails would be great to share it back.