Questions about translation method


In my project I need to customize the output of translate/t method
when there is no translation found. I've follow the rails guide about
I18n API section 6.2 and made a custom exception handler in an
initializer file.

module I18n
  def custom_handler(exception, key, locale, options)
    case exception
      when I18n::MissingTranslationData
        I18n.normalize_keys(locale, key, options[:scope]).join('.')
        raise exception

I18n.exception_handler = :custom_handler

But this has no effect. I think I've found the code responsible for
this in actionpack-3.0.0/lib/action_view/helpers/translation_helper.rb
line 27. The option raise is forced to true and the translate methods
keeps the exception for itself with no possibility to replace the
exception handler nor customize the output.

In my opinion rails should not force raise option to true and make a
default exception handler. Thus it would be possible to declare a
custom handler to make whatever we wants in response to exceptions.

But may be I'm missing something...

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.