Questions about Software Used in Screencasts

Hi, everyone -->

I'm brand new to this list, but have been bumbling my way through he
Depot Shopping Cart tutorial from Agile Web Development With Rails,
2nd Edition. I handled that all right, for the most part. Now I'm
looking to try a few more tutorials, and I was watching the
screencasts at (the blog creation, in particular)
and I wanted to know two simple things about the software they use.

1. What's the visual MySQL editor they use?
2. What's the color scheme used in TextMate?

It would be very handy not to have to puzzle out what to type into
MySQL every time, and though I find the color schemes on TextMate to
be decent, I like the demo scheme even better. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

I'm not sure what they used in the demo, but mysql has free GUI tools
Mysql Administrator and Mysql Query Browser on their site for most

Jared Robertson wrote:

I believe he used CocoaMySql for database and probably something like
Vibrant Ink or Sunburst for the theme.

I prefer YourSql and Vibrant Ink, personally. :slight_smile:


I just checked with my boss (who's been in meetings all day), and can
confirm that the database software is, in fact, CocoaMySQL. Thank you
for the suggestions!