Question regarding routing

Hi Everyone,

I am developing a small web application using rails, in my controller I have added a function which is apart from the normal one’s that are supported by the default routes, hence to map this one as well I have the following route :

map.resources :controller, :collection => { :additional_function => :get }

Now I am able to access this method just as I should, but I just wanted to know if there is some dynamic path construct that I can use for this method in my views.

To make my question more clear, eg.) if I have to use the path to the ‘new’ action I would use this : new_controller_path

So what I want to know is if there is such a dynamic variable that I can use for the additional function that I declared, or do I always have to hard code it using a string ?

Thanks & Regards, Dhruva Sagar.

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Wouldn't it just be controller_additional_function_path?

You can check by running rake routes