Question on restful_authentication

I attempted to run the following command using the
restful_authentication plugin and was wondering if anyone could help
shed some light on this. Here's my problem - ran:

script/generate authenticated person session

And this generated a number of pluralized files that I thought should
be singular:


And in routes.rb, I get:

map.resources :peoples

This is the only place where :peoples was found in the project, so I'm
guessing this is a pluralization issue. If I run the script against
"user" instead of "people" there is no issue, but I'd really like to
use "people" as the name. Any suggestions on how I as a Rails novice
should approach this? Should I clean it up manually, or is there a
better way to run the generate script?

Thank you for any advice!

That helped, mostly. Thanks!

Creating a user worked fine. Logout worked fine. However, logging back
in yielded this problem:

NameError in SessionsController#create
uninitialized constant SessionsController

The only change I made to the session_controller.rb file was to move
the "include AuthenticatedSystem" code to the application controller.
Any suggestions out there?

Thanks much,

Just reporting that I seem to have found the error.

Running script/generate authenticated user sessions works

Sessions must be plural, or else everything will work except the login