question marks

+Alex Gorbatchev

Hi Alex,

possibly you can fix this and provide and update.

In the code snippets, I've noticed that the question marks that SyntaxHighlighter places sometimes get in the way. Can the question mark be move somewhere else so as not to obscure long lines?

To see what I mean, take a look at:
In Getting Started section '7.1 Generating a Model'

The word references is obscured with a '?'


Thanks Rajinder,

Where in
does that question mark appear? Can you perhaps send a screenshot or
something that depicts the issue?

i've attached a screen shot, basically the entire 'Getting Started with Rails' contains '?' question marks in the ruby code blocks.

in the attached screen short bottom-right you can see '?' covers up code snippet.


That's strange, the JavaScript has a boolean that disables that
question mark (but a posteriori that's false :).

Which browser?


you know what this is the 2nd time i've gotten strange updates on pulls =P ... i blew away the entire folder this time, last time i deleted the output folder only. suffice to say the '?' is no longer showing up!


That's good news, but I don't like that it happens and we do not know
why. Wonder if it is related to how guides are generated, perhaps
assets get stalled somehow... I will check it out later.