Question - link_to 2 actions

I have a link_to , to a page that is comprised of a partial and an ajax link that creates a div and form inside that div.
So when the ajax link is clicked the form opens up.

What I want to know is it possible to use the link_to , to get to the form direct.

example -
controller: myprofile
action: update
ajax link: create a new outfit

so in <% link_to “my profile”, :controller => :myprofile, :action => update %> there is an ajax link on that page to “create a new outfit”

somehow I’d like to do <% link_to “my profile”, :controller => :myprofile, :action => update, :action => “create_a_new_outfit” %>

This make sense , is it possible ? I’m not interested at this point I can’t change anything in the controllers.