Question about Ruby on Rails Technology

I have one Web project with those requirements:
- Show 3D with animation about a house, room, department….In these
houses, there are some button that we can press to control. When we
click to it, it will take a command that do something. For example,
send a control signal to peripheral via 1 circuit using Infrared
transceiver / Receiver…
- I have 3D animation from Solid Edge v20 and need up to our website.
Control requirements are like above.
Could you advice me which technology or tools in Ruby on Rails can do
those things? Which documentation we can buy or Weblink can we have to
read before working with my project.
I highly appreciate your help and best regards,

Nguyen Duc Hoang

Sounds like something java would be more suited for.


To me it sounds like what was described is a client side problem, with
relatively little bearing on what the backend is.


Look for Java applet, Javascript or Flash technologies. As said it is a client side problem, server technology is independent.


Totally agree, this problem has nothing to do with server side technologies.

On server side, I think you can use whatever you want, but for cliente
side you will need some plugin to render 3D, depends on what kind of
animation you have. I think there are a few projects to make 3D flash
animations, but I'm not really updated with that kind odf stuff
Basically, what you need on client side, depends on what you want to render.