Question about or Linux in general re running rails


I'm using to host my rails projects. Their
documentation is pretty good. I recently deployed a second app but now
my first is not working (the second is). They host on linux. My

1. How do I know my app is running? I used ps -aux but can't identify
processes with any given rails project.

2. If it had stopped, how would I start the app again. I've been
using Locomotive up till now. Locomotive is great. It includes a nice
shiny "START" this app button. I have no idea what the command line
equivalent is.

3. Does anyone have an example of a .htaccess file that is working at to deploy a second app. I am particularly curious
about the rewrite rules and would like to see them in the context of
the whole .htaccess files.

If anyone can help me, those who like me will be truly grateful.
thanks in advance.