Query Regarding Rspec

hello guys,
I would like to know how to run the rspec files to test the
functionality code which is written?
actually i am working on a project which is currently which was
previously handled by someone else and he has written some rspec code
i would like to test weather the project is correctly configured on my
system or not? and i would also like some help regarding rspec and


You were given loads of suggestions in your last post on this issue,
why are you asking the same question again?

Have you worked right through some tutorials such as railstutorial.org yet?


Colin Thanks …

That link that you guys gave me is really awesome helped me a lot in rspec

Colin if you have any such links in cucumber please send me …



Both the rspec book and rails testing prescriptions have chapters on cucumber. I’d thoroughly recommend them.

Best Wishes,


Thanks Peter

In that link , i have found the chapter on Rspec but i have`nt found out a chapter on Cucumber